1.7.17 Olivia and Jacob1.12.17 Dakota and Aiden2.4.17 Stoka2.11.17 Sierra and Peter3.4.17 Natalia and Taylor3.18.17 Phillip and Marissa4.15.17 AKiekhaefer4.15.17 MKiekhaefer4.22.17 Tom and Songhwa5.19.17 Mackenzie and Paul5.20.17 Kraemer5.29.17 Bellows5.29.17 Kuhn5.29.17 Silver6.17.17 Davenport6.18.17 Phillip and Marissa6.24.17 Lance7.1.17 Faga7.1.17 Kiekhaefer7.2.17 Colon7.8.17 Schade7.15.17 Kee7.15.17 Schackel7.22.17 Cam7.22.17 Mckenna8.26.17 Leanna9.2.17 Alexis9.3.17 Koenig9.16.17 Alexandra and Alex9.23.17 Ashley and Chris10.1.17 Joel and Stephanie10.1.17 Morgan10.14.17 Alexandrea & Taylor10.21.17 Eichstaedt10.21.17 Sydney10.29.17 Kirby11.4.17 Sara and Login11.12.17 Katelin and Marcus11.19.17 Noah12.10.17 Hanson12.16.17 Mulvaney12.25.17 Anthony and Kayra12.25.17 Boettcher